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New Bizness

In today’s business landscape, competition is fierce and you need to stay ahead of your competitors. One of the best ways is through relationships. Relationships are built on stories.

What’s YOUR story?

aboutRBiz enables you to build and share your story in a digitally-interactive platform customized for individuals, small and large organizations, or any type of company.
Retirement Homes
Community Programs
Service Providers
Municipality / City

Who can benefit?

  • Auto dealers
  • Music studios
  • Home renovators
  • Salespeople
  • Product catalogues
  • Small business
  • Showrooms
  • Online businesses
  • Sports leagues
  • Interior designers
  • Law firms
  • Gyms & Fitness Centres
  • Accounting firms
  • Financial planners
  • Corporate branding companies
  • Construction development
  • Travel/Tourism industries
  • Tour providers
  • Entertainment venues
  • Botanical gardens
  • Scientific/research projects
  • Proposals
  • Art Galleries/Museums
  • Antique markets
  • Custom manufacturing/shops
  • Auto repair businesses
  • Sport teams/brands
  • Bands/Entertainers
  • Private Schools
  • Camps

And just about any other opportunity


How does it work?

aboutRBiz provides clients with 3 ways to build their story project.

We Create Your Story

For clients who want a single project and require us to assemble the components for them, our design team will complete a story template, using the media and text content you provide.

Coming Soon

Clients who have their own design team and would like to control the narrative and media, can build the project themselves using the aboutRBiz Story Maker.


aboutRBiz allows industry professionals to purchase reseller packages and sell their own projects to their marketing clients.

You’ll never have to print cards or brochures again!

Features of aboutRBiz

Everything you need to reach more people and keep them coming back.
  • Interactive Media
    Embed video – photos – cinematic – matterport – audio – maps and more.
  • Branding
    Add your branding features: Logo and colours.
  • Analytics
    View the number of visits with A/B testing.
  • Submissions
    Do it yourself or We do it for you.
  • Story Maker
    Story Maker tools includes editor and templates.
  • Single link sharing
    Share your story on any digital platform.
  • Flexibility
    Available for all business, schools, associations, projects and more.
  • Live feedback
    Live contact info and Facebook messenger.
  • Display
    Optimized for any screen size device.
  • Unique links
    Optimized aboutRBiz URL with unlimited shares.
  • Client story discovery
    Use our Story Discover form to help build your narrative.
  • Increased user experience
    Unlike a website that requires navigation, your aboutRBiz story delivers your message directly to your viewer.

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